Moving Crew develops the system which pursues not only the functionality but also usability and the design characteristics. Adopting the site design of the new device including application, we propose more strategic suggestion to be able to achieve customer's expectation.

System Architecture

We build the system to be operated as the needs of the customer. Therefore, communication to the first, and a development charge engineer becomes a teller, and let systems construction really reflect it after consultation with operators at customer site.

CMS (Content Management System)

We can provide customized CMS for long-term operation to customers.
Handle daily update duties effectively and support the update for customer's future requirements.

Build server(s) and hosting

From operating environment and selecting the hardware to the server OS, an application modules, etc., we design and build all of works in order to meet the needs of the customer so that the optimum performance is provided.

Support and Maintenance

We provide services with correspondence at the spot as well as continuous support and maintenance.
We perform the technical support not to mention backup from server maintenance, if necessary.

Web Design

We provide from the creative work of the Web site to a renewal, update. The smartphone optimization of the existing site, and the mobile site smartphone development from scratch as well.

Application Design and development

We offer android and iOS services from plan to design, development, use. The application work to a market and the correspondence to the latest edition of the smartphone OS is available as well.

Planning, Designing and Production

We offer the most suitable solution in consideration of all from systems construction to a network, the server, use, site planning, a site design, printed work.