This is the new video call system, works without being influenced by the communication environment between the different terminals such as each smartphone and tablet of android and iOS, PC.
It is easy to apply to Paid Service by connecting to the charging system for various video call business.
When they contribute it to the application providers such as coaching, counseling, consultation, the simultaneous interpretation, the terminal information between people of call, and each other's privacy will be completely kept in good condition.


Using our original AR (Augmented Reality) engine, the AR application for the sightseeing attracting tourist type on smartphone (android / iOS correspondence) of in a specific area.
By setting 100 places of AR point in total (marker and GPS type) in an area, take a ceremonial photograph with a character projected in AR and display AR guidebook. In addition, carries out the events such as the AR stamp rally as the time-limited services.
Correspondence in image recognition, space perception as future extended functions have been planned..



MC-MediaNet「MC-MediaNet」(Multimedia Contents-Media Net ) is a Digital Signage System, working on Windows®.
You can build high-resolution and real time Digital Signage System with ease by a little capital spending that only have you prepare the PC of commercially available general specifications and a display monitor and the Internet.



MovingHOS is the datacenter service that Moving Crew provides.
With our housing space in Korea, provide suggestion and introduction support of the server constitution, full managed service including the operations.
Including security measures, we can propose solutions with the high specifications that made use best of cost advantage.