Use Cases

AR application for Local sightseeing attraction

Developed AR application on iOS / Android.
By setting 100 places of AR point in total (marker and GPS type) in an area, take a ceremonial photograph with a character projected in AR and display AR guidebook. In addition, carries out the events such as the AR stamp rally as the time-limited services.

Real-time video call application

Developed real-time video call application on iOS / Android.
In correspondence with webRTC, we can support the real-time video call, not only between application and PC, but also between the PC and PC as well as application and application interval.

Online authentication system for Major maker's product

We produced the online product registration authentication system and WEB site for major maker. Also developed the back offices such as the product media, user license certification, product registration from POSA and those management menu.

Management server for Electronic book delivery

We developed Newsstand delivery service of App Store, android, Windows management menu for Store.
Also developed CMS for e-book registration and delivery for an e-book content company.

WEB site accessed only from a DVD-ROM sold at event meeting place

We developed the system design and WEB site for exclusive use of the member access that is accessible only from a DVD-ROM. In addition to collecting of attributive artist contents, developed the system for secret site which is an unscreened treasured picture and creation with photograph updated at any time.

Official portal mobile site for a local newspaper publisher

Update a news site automatically for mobile devices by converting news source (XML) which has been delivered automatically.
We deal with the official site suggestion, registration, management of each mobile carriers - DoCoMo, Softbank, au.

Fan club / Membership WEB site for overseas artists

We built smartphone, feature phone, the fan club / membership site corresponding to the PC and manage sales for digital content in sites, introduced by each mobile carrier formula settlement and credit card, convenience store settlement.

BtoB WEB site for major logistic company

By cooperating with the existing core computer system and store electron procurement ASP systems, we have achieved product inventory control, the product ordering from a store in real time. In cooperation with our eCRM package, we also provided the marketing analysis site.